Current Projects:

  • “The Awakening”: Read it on Tablo! (Word Count as of Chapter 15 - 33,687 words )
    • The first city has stood empty for thousands of years, a graveyard of a faded empire and a scattered people. Now something or someone has sparked the fires in the city. A broken monarch long despised by her emperor father will be put to the ultimate test with a rag tag company of soldiers and sailors to find out what darkness has...
  • "The Age of Serenity": Read it on Tablo! (Word Count as of Chapter 3 - 4,231 words )
    • A great darkness has risen and a dragon now scorches the land.  How will the Queen stand against it all?
  • "Gears of Honor": Read it on Tablo! (word count as of Chapter 15 - 32,154 words)
    • In the steam powered world of the Commonwealth, a dangerous plot is afoot from the city of New London to The West and beyond.  Wild and out of control Deputy Marshal Ellie Jay will join forces with the prim and proper Special Investigator Emma Tulip.  Together with a cast of outcasts and last hopes they will fight the impossible and try to save the world.
  • "Seven Falls: A Peter Lately Adventure" - Read it on Tablo! (Word Count as of Chapter 13 - 26,673 words )
    • Peter Lately runs the local coffee shop in the small town of Seven Falls.  Jill Miller arrives in the middle of a snowstorm soaked and dripping water.  The mystery unwinds, and the lives of those within the small town limits will never be the same.
  • "The Bleak Midwinter" - Read it on Tablo! (Word Count as of Chapter 2 - 4,001 words )
    • In the far reaches of space one man will find himself thrown together with a young woman in the middle of a war that will test the limits of their humanity.
  • "Spring Break Detectives" - Read it on Tablo! (Word Count as of Chapter 1 - 1778 words)
    • Murder, mayhem, and the teenage years.
  • "The Edge of the Waste" - Read it on Tablo! (Word Count as of Chapter 3 - 2,541 words)
    • The world came to an end and their world began.  Time has passed, but life in the after is never easy.  A new mystery appears, and the world's future becomes a question once more.
  • Total Current Words Written - 105,065 words written - Updated 3/12/21