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Author Page for Aaron DeLay

I've been writing since middle school and have never really found myself able to finish a story or even a short story.  All that changed in 2022 - I managed to complete a draft of a novel I've been working on since 2019!  It went to an editor and I'm currently working through rewrites with an expected completion date of June 3rd, 2022.  You'll find a comprehensive list of my projects with status updates .  You can find me on twitter @adelayedwriter!

Ongoing Writing Projects

"Friends of Mine"
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Type: Short Story
Status: Self Published.  Amazon Link TBA

"Seven Falls"
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Type:  Novel
Word Count:
Writing 2019-2022
Submitted for Edits: 12/21
Returned for Rewrites: 01/22
Rewriting: 03/01/2022 to 06/02/22
Published: TBA

"The Awakening"
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Novel
Word Count:
Status: Writing 2018-present

"Gears of Honor"
Genre: Steampunk, Science Fiction
Type: Novel
Word Count:
Status: Writing 2019-present

"deLayed shorts"
Genre: Various
Type: Short Story Compilation
Word Count:
Status: Writing 2021-present