The Blog Post I Never Wrote

Actually, there are multiple blog posts that I never wrote.  It’s Wednesday and day three of National Blog Writing Month. So let’s get down with our bad selves.  Wut Wut.

“The Post Where I Talk About How Much I Hate Nicki Minaj”

This was in response to someone on twitter who talked about how she worked out to Nicki and how it was awesome.  And then I Jesus-juked her with something about The Lord.  And it’s true.  I don’t like the image Nicki Minaj creates and what it creates in our girls.  I don’t appreciate the lyrics or much of anything about her music.  I’m hesitant to say “hate” but I dance on that line with her music, videos and manners.  She’s just not someone I’d want teaching my kids, instructing my kids or telling my kids what’s cool and awesome and what they should totally do because her music and videos make it seems awesome.  There was going to be a whole “Nicki Vs. A Mad Monk” theme to the post but I kept struggling how to make it interesting or something more than just me railing against some lady being on my lawn and waving my shotgun in her general direction in a vain effort to get her away.  Yes, I’m lame.  No, it doesn’t get better.

“The Post Where I Tell The Church How Messed Up It Is”

Due to the recent database-geddon, I lost the last ten or so posts I’d written about my Faith and the Church as a whole.  They were remarkably well balanced and thoughtful in how they handled the Church and it’s people.  There’s still a post deep in the depths of my soul that just wants let loose with the fires of hell and damnation about how messed up things are, how awful they are and how it’s probably not going to get any better anytime soon when it comes to The Church and The World.  But that’s been recently tempered by my re-discovering the good side of the church world and the great things that happen within the church, humanity’s brokenness be danged.  And so this post has been started, deleted, written, deleted and then redone and then deleted.  And that’s where it’ll probably stay for now.  The Cybermen have it now and it’ll take some All Stars and a sonic to get it back.  #doctorwhojokes. #hashtagsinapost. #imanerd. #areyoustillreading.

“The Post Where I Confess My Twitter Crushes”

Yea, this’ll happen.  Maybe after the Fourth Horseman’s touchdown is confirmed.

“The Post Where I Talk About Being Ten Years removed from a Steve Carell Movie”

Another one of those probably wouldn’t even write if you paid me a million dollars.  It’s require at least a billion.

“The Post Where I Talk About How Twitter is dying, Facebook is flatlining…and how social media needs some mouth to mouth.”/

Mostly because I’m probably wrong on half of my conclusions, I’m not educated enough to cite references and the research alone would send me into a crazed Doctor Who state in which I’d believe I was River Song and some random person was The Doctor.  Hence why this post is on this list.

“The Post Where I Talk About My Job and All The Awesome Stories That Happen There”

HIPAA is a beautiful thing but it’s a Federal crime to violate it and so there we are.  Also – I’m pretty sure I’d forget to change a name or some detail if I did get to writing all about it.  And so, in the interest of not getting fired – it’ll stay on this list.

That’s as many as I could come up with in the latter hours of tonight.  Tomorrow will be something and then Friday is when I write a short story to put up.  I call it “Fictional Friday” and it’s been a part of my NaBloWrimo thing for a few years.  What are some posts you never wrote?

One thought on “The Blog Post I Never Wrote

  • October 4, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    1. nicki minaj: fortunately my children both hate her.

    2. the church is messed up.

    3. what exactly IS a twitter crush? please write this blog post.

    4. im intrigued.

    5. if twitter is dying, let your crushes know.


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