What about the Change?

IMG_0842I’m about to bloody my theological knuckles, so buckle up.  Strap in.  Brace yourself.  And hold onto something.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

I figured I should put that warning there since there’s a chance I’ll be metaphorically and rhetorically crackin’ skulls with today’s post.  And I can’t take credit for the inspiration of these words.  I blame the twitter user ENT Monkey.  Dude even has a website.  It all started in the early morning hours today with this tweet.

I got a kick out of it because it felt like a nudge in my side.  You when someone pokes you and taps you on the shoulder to draw your attention to something?  That was this tweet for me.  I responded.

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NaBloWriMo 2013 Day 28

IMG_0523It’s Monday.  Commence with the gnashing of teeth and tearing of ritual sackcloth!

I’m back podcasting about church, Jesus and the future of it all.  I’m a bit bonkers and wander with my ideas but it’s fifteen minutes worth of marinating on the future of The Church.  Give it listen and tell me how wrong I am.

NaBloWriMo 2013 Day 26

487600_10100102522805993_1931938180_nSometimes getting away from it all is the best medicine.  Upon leaving my former employer I began to discover as I job searched that I had more time than I knew what to do with.  I realized that I had allowed myself to get swallowed up in the job.  It happens to the best of us.  We turn into workaholics and while sometimes that is a good quality it is a very bad thing to run at full throttle all the time.  So I find myself out of gas and on a very large desert island.

I found that I now had time to write.  I found that coffee shops were something to visit.  And I found my way back to daily conversations with God.  That last one might need some explanation.

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King of Anything

That’s the song that’s playing in the background as I sat down to write this and that’s the title of the post I’m going to stick with for the moment.  It’s been a few months since I put hand to keyboard.  I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride in life.  My work schedule changed, responsibilities temporarily flipped and everything put on its head.  And in turn everything else in my little corner of the world went sideways.

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Not Taking Credit

You ever have one of those moments when life and devotional collide in a terrifying manner that defies logical explanation and you find yourself looking heavenward going, “I see what you did there.  Nicely played God of All Creation, nicely played.” Yep.  Had one of those moments tonight.  And it was brilliant.

The biblical basis for my devotional tonight was out of Judges in chapter 7 where Gideon is tasked with destroying an enemy of the Israelites.  But God doesn’t do anything halfway or simple.  He’s got a plan with this impending showdown and it’s going to be a prime example thousands of years later on a late Monday night in Littleton, CO.  God has many senses and one of them is Humor.  And Irony.  Tonight those two collided.

Gideon starts out with a gazillion men (ok, that’s a big stretch but go with me) and he’s ready to pummel the enemy into the ground.  And yet God can see where this will end up.  He says that if he allows the gazillion men to take on the Midian army, the nation of Israel would boast against him and take credit for a battle that was not won without God’s influence and power.  So God whittles the gazillions down several times until just three hundred men stand ready.  The rest of the story is equally brilliant as the buildup suggests when the Midian army turns on each other in the midst of their camp and starts killing each other.  The power of God is shown in a incredibly brutal fashion.  The violence in this passage (and honestly much of the Old Testament) requires that Christians reconcile God’s track record in the Old Testament versus the New Testament.  It also asks that as people of Faith we have to realize the track record is incredibly consistent across both sides of The Bible.  This is entire blog post on it’s own so I’m going to move on.

And so tonight I had my moment of glory.  My mentor and friend was given the chance to write a column for a Children’s Ministry magazine titled, “K! Magazine”.  The article is part of a larger overall topic of “Technology in Children’s Ministry”.  Together with my mentor and friend we put our ideas together.  I threw my nerdy geeky knowledge of social media, internets and all the fun things about those things.  She took all that with her masterful skills of writing, her incredible knowledge of ministry, kids and everything else and put it together into an article.  Tonight she gave me a few copies and I was over the moon with pride.  I was published in a magazine!  A life long dream of having my name in a glossy had been accomplished!

And then I had my devotional.  And I was like, “Aw….maaaan!”

I couldn’t take the credit for this article.  That’s a God thing.  And yes, it sounds corny but it’s God’s (meant in the truest sense) honest truth here.  Without His gifting in wisdom in understanding all these wonderful social media technologies I’d be sunk.  Without His gifting of hunger of knowledge into my cranium I’d have given up long go.  And without His amazing servant heart that beats inside my friend (and fellow author!) I would have never been given the chance to share space with her in a magazine with a shiny cover.

And so I have to step off my podium and point it all back to God and His Son Jesus.  They get all the honor, glory and praise for the accomplishment.  I’m nothing without Him.  And that’s how I came to understand Gideon in a deeper and more manifest way.  Thanks God.  Consider my Ego cross checked into the wall and elbow dropped on the ground where it should have stayed in the first place.

God’s got some funny senses.

A Monk Returns

I don’t know who told me that Adult Life was going to be awesome and full of amazing adventures and that I would be able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted with whoever I wanted but they lied.  I was tricked into the Adult Life and I’m going to write a very angry letter to whoever is in charge of this mess and give them the what for and a few slaps with a fish for good measure.  I mean business.  Serious business.
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A Mad Monk Podcasts

Always the innovator in the National Blog Writing Month world, I decided a podcasty thing would be fun.  So, here we are.  I talk about religion, Faith and Christianity in some pretty intense manners to be aware.  And feel free to comment and tell me, ask me, talk at me, etc.  Woot.

The Christian Conundrum

I have a friend who is a new Christian and is navigating the world through blog entries on her blog – Navigating Christianity.  I’ve gotten a kick out of reading her entire library of entries for many reasons.  One is that it’s fascinating to see my Faith through another’s eyes.  And two is because her mind is far from how mine operates.  She’s very logical, scientific and digs deep into the things she’s working through.  I tend to be more emotional and philosophical when I blog about my Faith so it’s been a very helpful thing to read through her perspectives.

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