That Moment

It’s day 8 here at National Blog Writing Month and we’re rolling like tumbleweeds in a spaghetti western.  I’ve missed two days so far but today is going to make up for those two days in which I stared at the computer screen and talked to it as if it would listen to me and provide the inspiration to lay down some literary loquaciousness on the keys.  Yes, I just used a   14 letter word as a adjective to describe writing.  I’m a English geek with some nerd tendencies.  I blame my parents.

Which is true.  They are probably to blame for some of my oddness.  Some of it.  Not all it.  That much oddness is an oddity in itself.  How many ways can I work the word odd and it’s various forms into a sentence?  See the sentence before this one for an example of my “odd”.  Moving on!

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