Let Me Be Avenged

It had to happen eventually.  Samson’s life had to come to an end.  And it’s a terrible end.  Blinded in both eyes, captured and made a fool by the enemy.  His hair cut, his strength gone and those that destroyed him partying all the night while he lay shackled.  And yet in the end this once strong behemoth that felt the stirrings of the Spirit of the Lord and who has fallen will stand up one last time to pray to his God for one last storm of strength by which to avenge the Philistines for his two eyes.

It is an epic and legendary ending to a story that began in Judges 13 with his mother and father being visited by an Angel of the Lord.  A story with a heartbreaking arc that ends in bloodshed and the loss of the title character.  But it does not alienate God or change God.  It reflects the choice God made in responding to Samson’s request with a “Yes” and allowing him to avenge against those that destroyed him.

God is certainly fascinating.

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