God’s Track Record with Me

imageWhen God moves, you’d better watch out. And I’ve seen him move, I’ve felt him clearing His throat and I’ve missed the “DUCK!” command when He suddenly shifts directions in the midst of something. It’s one part terror and one part awe. It’s one of those thing I’ve come to have a healthy respect for because those moments when the paradigm shifts, when the rug is pulled and when the clouds clear – those moments are the most amazing.

Tonight’s devotional is from 2 Samuel 7:18-29 and it’s content is King David talking to God about these things that have happened to bring him to this point – and in his conversation with The Big Guy David relates his understanding of the ‘Why’ as it concerns the promise to God’s people and the long term effect of bringing praise and honor to God from all corners of the Globe.

It’s a fascinating verse to read – and that’s the extent of my writing on today’s devotional. I’m going to go and dig into this chunk of verses with a highlighter and a critical mind. I’d encourage you to do so as well.

I use the term “marinate your brain” more than I probably should – but it’s exactly what I mean. Letting your brain soak in His Words for a good long while. Stir in the juices of contemplation, consternation and compassion – and let it sit for awhile longer. Take in the words, the phrases and the meaning of it all on a deeper level.

There’s reading The Bible and then there’s chomping down on it like a voracious and starved Lion on the hunt that won’t be satisfied until it tastes the depths of His Words for Us.

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