An Unqualified Yes

I’ve been stewing over how to get this party started for the past few days and tonight as I was throwing myself out of bed to do my devotionals I realized there’s no better time than the present.  Because work and life have been conspiring against me over the past few weeks my devotional time has suffered and become a inconstant hot mess.  As in radioactive and darn near ready to explode.  I love doing my devotionals.  Adore them.  Currently I’m working through the devotional “SOLO: The Message: An Uncommon Devotional” and having a heck of a time.  I’ve restarted it once already and given that the New Year is coming there’s a very good chance I’ll go all traditional and legalistic by starting it over again on January 1.

The trouble is making sure I’m getting the most out of them by working through the Words of God, allowing the questions and prayer challenges marinate in my heart and stew in my brain.  It’s fantastic when it all goes according to plan but more often than not my day looks like a very badly written episode of “The A-Team” wherein the closing moments are pulled together using what little was left after Macgyver blew something up.  Only there’s no convenient ending to it but more or less me throwing myself into bed.  And not getting my devotionals done.

Throw in my health, weight and general stuff that’s just not where it should be and you have A Mad Monk.  Only it’s not the “good” kind of Mad Monk who’s a bit Doctor Who with ample provisions of Jesus and a sprinkle of hilarity.  It’s the bad kind of Mad.  The kind that ends up locked up in a padded room with voices in one’s head.  Or something probably much milder than that.  I wrote that sentence to allay the fears of those that read this and imagine I’ve gone insane or something.  Fair warning – I’m given to a bit of hyperbole.

And so here I am at the crossroads.  I’m thirty years old, unmarried, non-girlfriended and finding myself wondering if it’s socially acceptable to have a mid life crisis after three decades on Earth.  Survey says…no.  Pending the approval of said crisis I’ve got some work to do and lists to make.  First on that list is my quiet time with God.  Second is my weight and health.  Third is my heart and mind.  In the coming days, weeks and better part of December I’ll be putting down the foundation for what 2013 will look like for me and by proxy – this blog.

It’s going to be hard, intense, unpleasant, and generally gratifying.  I’ve not sorted how to chronicle all this delightfully entertaining character arc business quite yet but never fear randomly few readers – there will be answers.  There’s at least another blog entry or two I can add to my padded portfolio of prose.

And just so we’re clear – if you’re interested in joining me in this journey – you can.  I’ve put a Facebook page together where you can pound keyboard keys into oblivion telling me all about how this is the worst plan you’ve seen ever in the history of histories.  Because that’s what I understand the internet is about.  Or something.

Thanks for reading through the drivel.  You can use the commenting feature on this blog if you so desire.

I’ll find a unique and eccentric way to end these posts as this project is still very much under construction.  For now I’ll say good luck, Godspeed and good night.

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